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bernice ayer middle school home of the breakers

Bernice Ayer Middle School (BAMS) promotes the highest standards and fairness to all students. BAMS staff members are enthusiastic, caring, competent and ready to meet your child’s educational needs. We know that each child’s future depends on how much and how well he/she learns. And, we know that when children work as hard as they can, they gain skills and knowledge that will enable them to be successful as students and adults.  

If students have concerns regarding academic issues and scheduling, they are encouraged to talk with the Academic Advisor, Lisa Broadhead.  

Important Dates

September 13 - 1st Quarter Progress Reporting Period ends

September 25 - Mandatory Breaker Pride Award Meeting

October 11 - 1st quarter closes

October 21 - Grades available for viewing on the Parent Portal

October 22 - Last meeting to participate in the Breaker Pride Award Program

October 28 - 6th Grade Superintendent Award at 11:37 in MPR

October 29 - 7th Grade Superintendent Award at 12:07 in MPR

October 30 - 8th Grade Superintendent Award at 12:34 in MPR





New to CUSD?

If your child is new to the district, please complete your registration online.

 click here for online enrollment link

*This link is ONLY used for students enrolling in CUSD for the first time

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