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Library / Textbook Rules / Internet Software Policy


Students are required to have their current student ID Card to check out:

  • Textbooks
  • Library Books

Please click here  for student textbook information and replacement costs for lost textbooks. We accept cash or checks made out to Bernice Ayer Middle School. We do not accept textbook replacement.

Students receive one workbook. If a workbook is lost it is the student's responsibility to replace it. Replacement cost can be found on the same link as textbook information. Workbooks may be purchased from the library.


Library Hours

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

8:15 - 4:00

Students permitted on campus at 8:15 for library use


9:15 - 4:00

Students permitted on campus at 9:15 for library use


Textbook Information 

Textbooks should not be left in the lockers when it is raining. Please have your student remove their textbooks from wet backpacks upon arriving at home. All wet book covers should be removed from the textbooks and any wet textbooks need to be reported immediately to Mrs. Denning in the library. A blow dryer and or placing a paper towel in between wet pages may be used to dry wet pages.

Information on Library Use

 Students may use BAMS library for homework, reading, working on projects and computer research. Library books are checked out for two weeks at a time. Students may renew books that have been previously checked out as long as there hasn't been a request for that book. Our library also offers several different magazine titles that students may read for enjoyment.

The library is open and available for student use during lunch. Chess Club is held in the library during lunch on Tuesdays and Thursdays for any student who is interested in playing chess.

BAMS offers an after school Homework Club on Tuesdays for any students needing or wanting additional help. Students are able to receive help in all subjects from BAMS assigned teaching staff.

Bernice Ayer Middle School Library Use Guideline

  • Students may use the Library for reading, working on homework or computer use.

  • Students using the library for socializing will be asked to leave.

  • Students will respect the library setup and rearranging of furniture is probhibited.

  • Students may speak at a level that is not disruptive to others.

  • Computer use at school (library, computer lab and or classroom) is strictly for school related purposes.

  • No eating or drinking in the library.

  • Students who are disruptive will be given three warnings before being removed from the library.

  • First warning is a reminder to be respectful to others.

  • Second warning student will be moved to a different seat.

  • Third warning student is asked to leave the library.

"The library is a place where everyone has the right to read, learn, and think and everyone has the responsibility to let others do the same."

Author Unknown  

Orange County Public Library

Parents and Students:

Our Public Library System offers an amazing amount of resources online that you can access with your Orange County Library Card. An example of one of their resources is their online World Book Encyclopedia. This is a wonderful tool for any project. To sign up and use these resources you will need your library card number and a pin number. Your library number is located on the back of your current library card. If you do not know your pin number please call your local public library and they will assist you. Please note that if you have a library card that starts with the letter "D" these are older library cards and you need to replace the letter "D" with the number 2. Another wonderful service they offer is eBooks and eAudiobooks. Please take a minute and browse their website with your student to explore all of these wonderful resources found under eLibrary / Online Databases.

Library Media Center

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