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Principal - Mr. Stever
Mr. Stever

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AP - Mrs. Thompson
AP - Mrs. Thompson

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Principal's Message

Dear BAMS Family,

We are nearing the Holiday Season and this is an important time to check in with your student academically, socially, and emotionally. Second quarter will be ending in December and your child’s success is our number one priority.  Historically, second quarter is a little more difficult than first quarter and the following are some tips to help your family navigate second quarter:

  1. Check school loop on a weekly basis. If there is an assignment or assessment that you have a question concerning, reach out to the teacher and ask them. This type of communication pays dividends for your child’s education.
  2. Ask your child to regularly use their planner to track their nightly homework. When they arrive home after school, check their planner and create a system of accountability to ensure they complete their homework.
  3. Create a quiet place in your home that is conducive for studying. For many students, middle school is the first time where they have had to independently study material outside of the classroom setting. Having a quiet place for this is imperative.
  4. After big assessments, follow-up with your student and ask them how they think they performed. Self-reflection is a healthy habit to develop. Additionally, your follow-up communicates their performance is important to you. If your student didn’t perform well, usually they are harder on themselves than you would be. Encourage them and ask them what they would do differently. When the next test comes, remind them of what they said and hold them accountable to that difference.

The Holiday Season can also be difficult socially and emotionally for students as well. This time of year is very busy for adults and can be stressful due to financial issues and family strains. The following are some tips to help your family navigate social and emotional stress:

  1. Check in with your student. Ask them how their day went and how things are going socially with their friends.
  2. Carve out and keep sacred one-on-one time with your student. Invest in conversations with them free of any cell phone usage or social media. Let them have your undivided attention for periods at a time.
  3. Talk with them about your family’s values and expectations. Paint for them a clear picture of what you desire for their future and what is acceptable and unacceptable within your family’s parameters. If they are meeting your family’s expectations, purposefully point that out and celebrate them.
  4. Remember that children want your time during the Holiday Season far more than they want a gift.
  5. Finally, we have several non-school days coming up and it is imperative to know where your student is and who they are spending time with. Reach out to other parents when children are getting together. Monitor their activities and where they are going as well as their use of social media. This communicates to your child that you care deeply and will hold them accountable to your family’s values even when their family isn’t present.

At BAMS, we value our relationship with our families. We fully understand and embrace the statement that it takes a village to raise a child. We are blessed to be part of your village and with excitement, look forward to our continued partnership in ensuring high levels of success for your student. If you need any support academically, socially, and or emotionally, please reach out to our school. We are here for you and your family.


Nick Stever