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Breaker Pride Service Award

Breaker Pride Award Meeting  – There will be a meeting on September 25, 2019 during lunch in the MPR for students who are interested in earning the Breaker Pride Award this year.  The purpose of this annual award is to reward students who demonstrate outstanding service along with outstanding scholarship and citizenship.  This award is presented to students who complete an approved proposal form, acquire 15 hours of school/community service, maintain a 2.5 GPA or above, and demonstrate good citizenship.  The Breaker Pride Award is a prestigious honor and ensures a student’s participation at the grade level award ceremonies held at the end of the year.  Please encourage your student to attend this meeting for more information.

Breaker Pride Award Powerpoint

Below you will find the Breaker Pride Award PowerPoint shown at the Breaker Pride Award Meeting:

Breaker Pride Powerpoint

Breaker Pride Award Packet

See Mrs. Broadhead for a Breaker Pride Award Packet AFTER you have watched the PowerPoint in the section above.  This packet must be completed and returned to Mrs. Broadhead in order for students to earn this award. 

Proposals are due TBD

Completed projects are due TBD