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Progress/Quarter Grade Reports

What is a Progress Report?

A progress report is a way for teachers to communicate with parents about a student's grade.  The progress report informs a parent that a student is struggling in a class in some way.  Progress reports can be viewed on the Parent Portal.

Please note: The progress reports do not go on the student's permanent record.

Why Does a Teacher Issue a Progress Report?

1.  The student is receiving D or F at mid-quarter

  •  The progress report will show a N or U for work habits or citizenship.

Work Habits and/or Citizenship Codes are as follows:

N = Needs Improvement

U = Unsatisfactory.

2.  AND/OR the student demonstrates a behavioral issue that needs attention

Progress report may say "NM" (no mark) in the grade section because the student is doing fine academically in the course.  However, an N or U in the citizenship or work habits section indicates the student needs to improve his/her behavior or work habits in the specific class.

3.  AND/OR the student has a C grade but runs the risk of dropping to a D or F

Academic Suggestions For Parents

Progress Report / Quarter Grading Dates

Report Cards and Progress Reports are no longer sent home in the mail.  Report Cards and Progress Reports can be viewed on the Parent Portal.



1st Quarter Dates

9/13      End of Progress Report Period 1st Quarter

10/11    End 1st Quarter

2nd Quarter Dates

11/8   End of Progress Report Period 2nd Quarter

12/19    End of 2nd Quarter

3rd Quarter Dates

2/7      End of Progress Report Period 3rd Quarter

3/13     End of 3rd Quarter

4th Quarter Dates

4/24     End of Progress Report Period 4th Quarter

6/4       End of 4th Quarter

6/5       Final Grades Due