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Counselor's Corner

School Counselor

Dr. Rosalia Koba

Dr. Koba

8:00 am to 3:30 PM
Every Thursday and Friday
2nd and 4th Tuesday of Each Month

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School Counselor

Ms. Joyce Ann Toledo

Ms. Toledo

8:00 am to 3:30 PM
Every Monday and Wednesday and
1st and 3rd Tuesday of Each Month

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BAMS School Counseling Mission Statement:

It is the mission of Bernice Ayer Middle School counseling program to promote the complete well-being and success of our students through a commitment to their social, academic, physical, and emotional health.

Our priority is to provide a safe, supportive and genuinely caring environment that meets the unique needs of every student.  We strive to establish an acceptable setting where students feel understood through an emphasis on multicultural understanding.  We will encourage parents to feel connected through guidance that best meet the needs of their children.

Our Beliefs:

We believe that the role of the school counselor is to work in unison with parents, teachers, staff, and community partners to meet the varying needs of all students.


Second Step and Guidance Lessons
  • Koba: September 27 & 28: Pal Conflict Resolution Training
  • Koba: October 12th SOS Spanish Parent Night Las Palmas
  • Koba: November 1st SOS Parent Night Shorecliffs
  • Koba: November 15th SOS 7th Graders PE
  • Toledo: November 15th SOS Risk Assessments with Crisis Team
  • Koba/Toledo/Crisis Team: November 16th Risk Assessments
  • Toledo: December 17, 18, 19:   Study Skills: 6, 7, 8 Graders PE
  • Koba:  Jan. 31st & Feb. 1st: 6th Graders Calming Down & 8th Grade Coping with Stress: Social Science
  • Koba: March 21, 22, 23: 6th   Graders Emotion Brain & Body:
  • 7th Graders  Coping with Stress: 8th De-Escalation; Science          
  • Toledo:  April 29, 30, 31: 6th Working in Groups; 7th & 8th College and Career
Suicide Prevention Hotline

Suicide Hotline

Secondary Counseling Referral

If you are concerned about a student and would like to refer them for counseling services, please complete this form.

Second Step Parent Link

A hallmark of the Second Step Middle School Program is its stand-out media component. Seventy videos woven throughout the program bring lessons to life, maintaining a standard of excellence recently honored with the 2018 CINE Golden Eagle Award for Children’s Programming. Learn more here.

Signs of Suicide (SOS) and Support