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Absence/Sick Line

Information & Procedures

24 Hour Absence Line: 949.369.6468

Verifying your Child’s Absence

Regular attendance plays an important role in student achievement, so it is out desire that students attend classes regularly and have a successful year.  It is imperative for each family to maintain regular communication with the attendance office staff.

ABSENCES:  Please call the attendance line at (949) 369-6468 the same day as the absence or within 72 hours. When calling the message line, please speak slowly and provide the following information:

  • The date(s) of the absence
  • The person calling (name and relationship to the student)
  • Your child’s full name and grade

The reason for the absence must be clearly stated:

  • Illness – If the illness requires a Dr. visit, it is recommended to bring a note from the medical provider
  • Medical Appointment –It is recommended to bring an excuse from the medical provider
  • Funeral
  • Court Date
  • Religious Holiday
  • Personal Business: any absence not list above. For example, non-medical appointments, vacations, oversleeping, etc. Generally, these absences are considered unexcused and it is up to the discretion of the teachers to allow make up work.

An automated phone message and emails are sent out daily for unverified absences.

Please call 949.369.6468 to verify the reason for your child’s absence.

Absences not verified after 72 hours become truancies.

Click here for the Board Policy on Absences and Excuses BP 5112(a)